In this short but powerful video, Greystanes Personal Trainer Manny Laris explains 5 of the biggest mistakes individuals make when it comes to weight loss, and what they should be doing to succeed 👇

The 5 most common weight loss mistakes include:

1. Starvation Diets

2. Relying on ‘weight loss’ supplements

3. Bariatric Surgery

4. Overtraining

5. Avoiding Social Events

Be sure to watch the video above as Greystanes Personal Trainer breaks down these common weight loss mistakes and what you should be doing to achieve fast and sustainable results. 

Losing weight should be viewed as a marathon as opposed to a sprint. Sure you can achieve your goals in a short time frame if you put your mind to it, but as a highly respected Personal Trainer in Greystanes, Manny has always advocated for sustainable, long term practices when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. 

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